Myths and Facts About Counseling

There are different people around us who are still living the old era, meaning to say that they still have those old thoughts and they will consider almost everything taboo that is new to the world and that is open and that discusses almost everything that was once hidden. We are not saying that those people are at fault but they are the kind of people that didn’t meet the right people at the right time to preach them because we all learn things at all ages of our lives. And if you talk about taboo, there are people who still think that talking about sex and other things between couples openly is a sin and it shouldn’t be practiced. Even though it has helped many people and if you encountered such people who think that marriage counseling in Dubai or anxiety counseling in Dubai is a bad thing, then make sure to read this post out loud to them because like we said that there is no age of learning and leaning anything at anytime is a good thing, so tell them about the following myth busters;

  1. The first mistake they think for therapy is that therapy is only for the rich people. well, tell them that there are many insurance companies who have different counselors on their panel and they make sure to get the best one. There are some counselors who offer different kind of help to the people for free just to make their lives better by doing online counseling, so it is not for the rich but it is for everyone who like to have a decent talk.
  2. The second mistake they think for therapy is that only serious issues should be taken to the counselor. But little do they know that small things make up large issues, for example, let us say that you are showing some signs of OCD and that is little but with the passage of time it is getting worse day by day and that has happened because you didn’t take it seriously. The old will not take this example, seriously so give them the example of fever, that if you didn’t treated it on it, it can take your life as well and may be that will make them understand.